Client Comments

 Emotion & Belief Clearing

"Heather has been amazing, very easy to work with and really takes the time to listen. I have been doing emotion code, body code work with her for a few weeks and I have seen some awesome changes! She is so easy to work with and has some very creative suggestions for healing!

—  Tiffany - Indianapolis, Indiana 


"I love the format of the Audio version of The Belief Closet (allowing people to pause and reflect) and the concept immediately! The name snagged my interest immediately, and your initial video was a good mix of information and personal introduction (seeing your smiling face that made it more comfortable from the very start).

I appreciate you first providing introduction and instruction over the first few minutes of the audio - I think it’s vital in our culture to start by creating some rules and boundaries about focus/distractions in order for people to truly get in the right frame of mind.

Thank you for acknowledging the difference in how people will go through this exercise - visualization vs. feelings. I’m not much of a visualizer, and I always feel at a loss when asked to do this. It’s nice to know other people have difficulty doing it too and that it won’t take away from my ability to do the work. I also found that your repeated prompts to look and focus and reassurances that the images would come and not to try to manufacture them.

I was pleasantly surprised that the images came to me more quickly than they have in past visualization exercises. I want to go back and listen again and spend a little more time with it, but I will say that I felt things and “saw” things pretty clearly and wanted to get more detail, which I hope will come with repeated work and time.

I ended the exercise feeling warm, lit up inside, and lighter. I wanted to go back for more! This was my very first experience with you and your programs, and I am delighted. I’m just starting on a spiritual journey and about a year into a health journey, and I believe strongly that this practice and perhaps others you might suggest will bring me closer to achieving progress."

— Kelly Davis

"Hi Heather

I have not had a neck tension headache since our session! Also, I feel very “unlocked” and finally I feel ready to do all the necessary steps to launch my coaching business. Hard to explain why, as normally I would more likely 100% procrastinate and or avoid something like this. Maybe letting go of energy from my ancestral past has freed me up to move forward in my own life.

I also found my voice to ask my boss for a raise and pays car increase, again that’s something I’ve never done. The overall pain in my neck is gone, although my chiro still says it’s out of alignment and has adjusted it twice since my car accident.

Also, maybe the pampering-appreciation energy was the thing to help motivate me out of my fears, and I’ve found greater capacity to help install it in others.

Very interesting!"

—  Jessica Schmidt - Winnipeg, Canada

"After the Emotion Code sessions I can see my feelings - literally. I'm gonna have to get used to this. I can feel others deeper, and I can see truths more clearly without having to dig. I 'just know'.

My intuition is on level 111 and my 'downloads' have increased to the point where I can't write them down... I just doodle pictures because I can't keep up.

My photographic memory and ability to just 'know' where a lost item is is kinda creepy now. My husband lost his glasses and I just knew that they weren't in the house, but at the barber he went to the other day. I literally said 'I don't feel them here, I feel them there."

— Jessa H - Curacao - Emotion Code

“Working with Heather was amazing! I went into our time together feeling down and discouraged about past relationships and came out the other side a new person. 

The healing that took place and the synchronicities that occurred during our sessions together were amazing. Heather combined her skill as a coach with the healing work that we did, which took the whole experience to a new level. 

By the end I felt a new sense of self and a new-found clarity and excitement on what I wanted from a relationship in the future. I am very grateful to Heather for her help and assistance. I can honestly say that I have come out of this experience with the result I had intended. 

For anyone who is considering working with Heather, I say trust yourself and go for it. Heather is a genuinely passionate and caring person who will over deliver and do everything she can to assist you in reaching your desired goals.”

— Chris K - London - Resonating Relationship Program

You can join Chris on his journey of self-discovery by checking out my podcast 'Rise of Humanity'  He said it would be great to have you there!

“I took advantage of one of Heather’s offerings to the #Heartfelt community and all I can say is WOW! When she said she’d clear my closet, she wasn’t just blowing smoke! She used outfits from my memories which had a more significant impact than I’m realized, cleared them out and left me with something not only better, but which raised my energy levels immeasurably. Just the things I have accomplished in the day since our session have cleared a bunch of muck off my plate, freeing me to grow and expand as I’d begun to believe wasn’t even possible. Thank you so much, Heather. Know I’ll be back for more!”

— Sheri - California - Belief Closet

“With the two sessions I have had, I can honestly say that it has helped me feel more connected and centered.
I have also noticed my I am able to steer my thoughts in a more positive way then going down the familiar negative path. I am more in the here and now. I will keep coming back for more sessions!”

— Theresa - Emotion Code

 “Heather’s Belief Closet Session, to get to the root of a belief you have is worth while. She helped me get to a deeply rooted belief I had planted in me in my mother’s womb. That I wasn’t wanted and which manifested in my life in different ways, holding me back from who I am. The belief was just a belief, not a fact. Releasing the belief and replacing it with a mindset for moving forward is real!

A few days late: I have been feeling a definite shift. It is hard to explain it feels like space has been opened up within me. I feel an at peace love radiating within me. I also feel more sure of myself. So thank you.”

— Linda J. - Belief Closet

Heather is fantastic ! I had never heard of the work she does .. and was taken by surprise , that something like this existed .. in just 24 hours , I feel a huge difference physically , mentally and emotionally ! You just have to experience Heather’s work !
Thank you

— Rima - Mumbia, Maharashtra - Emotion Code

“Heather is such a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. We have worked together for a few months using body code, emotion code, some Reiki and crystals. I can tell that this work has made a very positive effect on my health and well-being. Although all the sessions were done over the phone, Heather made it such a great experience that it felt like she was right beside you. The most important thing about Heather is that she truly cares about her clients and she always goes above and beyond to help them. She also relates to people very well and at times shares some of her personal experiences which is very helpful. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Heather and I highly recommended her to anybody. Some of my family members had taken a series of phone sessions with Heather as well and we all have the same opinion about her - she is the best!”

— Dominika W. - Maryland - Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki & more

“After Emotion Code sessions with Heather, I’ve seen dramatic improvement in health conditions. Most of my life I’ve had chronic fatigue. My energy level has picked up significantly. I accomplish more with less effort. Back pain occurs less often and to a lesser degree. Digestion issues have improved. Anxiety is gone! (that alone is huge) I’m happier and more out going to family, friends, and neighbors.
Everything, in general, is going more smoothly. Much gratitude Heather! Keep up the good work!”

— Deborah - Pennsylvania - Emotion Code

 “I saw a positive change in a friend of mine who had received Emotion Code therapy from Heather which led me to reach out to her.

When Heather first explained what emotion code was, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I could not imagine how she could unlock my emotions from so far away, but after a trial call, I felt the difference immediately and signed up for a package. 

We focused on relieving my anxiety and after each call I felt the positive changes in my attitude and behavior. I also appreciated her gentle manner and support. She gave me some great ideas on how to overcome some things I was struggling with that ultimately worked.

I felt a big improvement by the time we were done with my package but I was also sad to see our phone sessions come to an end as they were really enjoyable.

I want to continue benefiting from Heather’s wonderful healing energy so I just requested a Reiki session with her and can’t wait.”

— Carmelisa - New York - Emotion Code & Distant Reiki

And 4 months later.....

“I want to thank you for all of the work you did on me. You have cleared my emotions so that I can see more clearly and be less anxious.
I even enjoy time with my mom much more than I ever have before. Somehow I don’t feel all tangled up in years of emotional drama when I’m around her anymore. Or at least I feel it MUCH less. The last couple of times I visited her I left feeling happy as opposed to feeling twisted and wanting to RUN FOR THE HILLS!

I also wanted to tell you about a new job that I started, something I don’t think I ever would have gone for if you hadn’t helped me. I’m working for an Italian company that needed a New York based sales rep. It pays more money and it’s a work from home job, I am SO happy to have the extra time and flexibility to be with my daughter. I love not feeling guilty for leaving work at 5:30 when others were still there and then rushing home to start cooking dinner as soon as I took off my coat and then feeling guilty that I don’t have enough time to help my daughter with school work. It seems like a no brainer that I took this new job but it was really hard for me to say goodbye to my old job as my boss had been very good for me, he was very generous, the company felt like family to me and as their top performing sales rep (carrying 50% of the sales) I knew it would be a big loss for them and so leaving seemed inconceivable. But since my emotions were more clear I was able to see what I really wanted and not be afraid to hurt my boss. In the past when a job opportunity came my way I would quickly say no without even asking about it because I could not imagine leaving. But you really opened me up and lessened my anxiety. I even was able to negotiate with the new company to let me work from home in Italy during the month of July and have the month of August off. This will make my husband happy who will get to spend more time with his family in Italy and really enjoy the whole summer there as opposed to the concrete jungle of NYC. 
My husband has been longing to move back to Italy and I even agreed to move without a job this summer just to make him happy but when this job came up it seemed like the best of both worlds. He will get to enjoy more time in Italy and I have a job that gives me more time for my family, PLUS I don’t have to leave my parents and siblings. And if he still wants to move in 2 years I might be able to convince this company to let me travel back and forth.

This was a long email but I wanted you to know just how happy I am and that I feel I owe a lot of that to you. Thank you so much for working your magic. Your are an incredibly gifted healer!”

— Carmelisa - New York

“I was suffering from some aches, pains, feeling very depressed and hopeless. I was hoping for relief when I reached out to Heather about emotion code. I felt very comfortable working with her right from the start. 
I feel much better- in fact, after my 2nd session, I was feeling happy and hopeful! I feel like a weight has been lifted. 

Even though I am not sure how this works, I feel like my usual programming has been scrabbled in an awesome way. There is this shift, I don’t think I have ever felt this way before! Many areas have been impacted: How I feel about myself, how I interact with people- friends and family. I feel confident (which I have never felt before). I am sure it will roll over into other areas such as work and relationships. 

Even though Heather explained what she is doing and the process, I would say you don’t need to know or understand how the process works. I believe that by getting rid of these old trapped emotions that anything and everything is possible! You don’t have to stay trapped in your old behaviors due to trapped emotions. Try it! You will see and feel results.”

— Monica M. - Abingdon, MD - Emotion Code

“I have been working with Heather for three months - speaking once a week after a initial session in person. I felt immediately at ease with her when we met and moved by her authenticity and compassion. She is energetically gifted and incredibly intuitive. Our work together has helped me shed negative emotions and release negative energy that as preventing me from moving forward in some areas of my life. Heather is the real deal!”

— Barbara N - Newtown, Pa. - Emotion Code

9 months after Barbara and I began working together, I checked in and this is what she had to say:

“So nice to hear from you!! I am so proudfoundly grateful for the work we did together - it truly helped shift me into a whole new place. I am almost done with my 200 hour yoga teacher certification and I am so happy! Hoping to start teaching as soon as possible!”


Melonie's Audio Testimonial

Life & Business Coaching Programs

Thank you so much Heather for our session the other day!! 
Talking with you was very helpful and opened my eyes to possibilities I can implement right away. You have great ideas that make sense and are functional. Most importantly I turned to you because I sensed the safety of an embracing open heart, compassionate listening ears and honest truthful expression. I wasn't wrong! I came to you for business advice, not healing, and though it may not be your main service, you are very capable - a jack of many trades for sure!
— Alison S. - Provence, France    Heartfelt Happy Hour Session

"I came to Heather because I was struggling to articulate the spirit of my work and what made me different. I made more progress after just one quickfire session with Heather than I had in weeks struggling on my own. I was blocked by the box I had put around my work and she helped me unpick my skills, what made me unique, and gave me the confidence to OWN that difference and be unique. I've revamped my packages and have been testing the new way I talk about my work with my previous clients. After getting past this block I have so much more positive energy and creativity again, it's such a relief. And my clients have noticed - I've been rebooked by three people in a week! Feeling happy with my work again!"

— Anna S. - Heartfelt Happy Hour Session

"Heather is laser sharp with her mentoring skills. I contacted her regarding another issue but she found the more important issue that needed to be addressed immediately. She is very kind, gentle and wise. Thank you so much for your help with my procrastination."

— Safeena C. - Camden, England

“I was ready for a change; exactly what, I didn’t know. I just felt like I was on the hamster wheel, round and round, day in, day out. I wasted away the weekends and the, ugghhh, Monday morning was here again so soon. 

I saw an ad for HSHP in a magazine and ripped it out, tucking it in my cell phone case for contemplation later. A few days later, I went to the HSHP web site and filled out the self assessment. I had no idea what I needed or wanted. I just knew I wanted something different. 

Used to being the boss, Mom, one in charge, I wanted someone to talk with without burdening a family member or friend. I wanted to be completely open with someone (actually myself) in a safe environment.

I spoke with Heather and we agreed to work together. At that time, I still didn’t completely understand the why or how, or if anything would change or make a difference, but I took a leap of faith. At my very first session, Heather provided me with resources and encouragement. She gave me reading suggestions, personal exercises, and most of all, encouragement. Heather listens when I talk. I eagerly anticipate my sessions with her, feel energized afterward and spend the time in between enthusiastically living life. 

Within a few weeks, I was able to make some changes that had me excited to get out of bed in the morning. Yes, even on a weekday! When events would come along to frustrate or challenge me, I had new tools and a new perspective to take them head on, or even just acknowledge them and let them pass on by. I see many things differently now. When I get rejected, after sulking a tiny bit, I realize it wasn’t meant to be and look for what is meant to be. What’s wonderful, is “what is meant to be” shows up pretty quickly now.

This is not a magic wand or pixie dust. I needed an open mind to try new tools and I needed to love myself enough to spend some time and money on me, instead of taking care of everyone else first. I wasn’t taking the time to think, plan or act for myself. 

In just a few short weeks, my investment with Heather has positively impacted my career, relationships, finances, spirituality and physical body. Everywhere I was stuck is moving and everywhere I was stale is starting to have new life. 
What’s changed? I sleep more deeply and peacefully. I smile more. I participate in my life more actively and with more passion. I really believe that I am in control of my happiness and have turned my “every day ordinary” into extraordinary. My relationships are deeper and more fulfilling. I recognize sooner when I am trying to change/influence something outside my power of influence and can let it go or move onto something more satisfying. I have become passionate about my work, not just the work I am getting a paycheck for, and may have actually found that elusive “purpose.” I have been offered a promotion at work – one that I am seriously considering turning down, so I can continue to develop what brings me joy. 

People are noticing a change in me, and they are curious what it is that I am doing.”

— Jane K. - Yardley, Pa - Total Empowerment Program

“When I came to Heather, my biggest struggle was procrastination and not submitting work on time. I really wanted to know why I do that.

Working with Heather was nothing less than magical. One by one she helped remove trapped emotions that were inside of me since childhood! I didn’t even know that these emotions were stopping me from being successful and fulfilled.

Heather impacted me deeply, I felt a SHIFT. She helped me remove my fear of failure which was the real reason behind my procrastination. I also learned how I can train my subconscious mind to remove my emotional blocks on my own. And the best part was, I was able to work on a proposal and send it in the next 24 hours. I was delaying it for a long time and after my session with Heather, it became so much easier to send it ahead! <3

I have been able to remove many trapped emotions. Mostly my work has been impacted. I am still to see what other areas are impacted but I feel great <3 She is extremely soothing. I love her energy. She makes me feel secure and comfortable. I don’t have to put on anything. I can be REAL!

If you wonder if you should work with Heather, I say absolutely go for it. THE SHIFT!!! <3 I was mad aware of the emotional blocks I had which means I now have the power to remove them, if ever they come back. I am empowered. If you think, you deserve a shift in your life. If you really think you deserve to give yourself this gift of removing trapped emotions & stepping into the authentic YOU then go ahead! Because miracles are awaiting you <3 Thank You Thank You”

— Ashmeeta - New Delhi, India - Heartfelt Happy Hour Session


Just finished your “Simple Steps to Determine Your Perfect Client and Learn to Speak Their Language”. I began a little skeptical, I’ve read/heard a lot about how to figure out who my ideal client is, so I was kind of half listening. Then I got out my notebook and started taking notes. Then I started pausing and writing down your prompts and some of my thoughts. Which is to say I found great value in your offering. I really liked the steps and how they build to connect my experience to my work and then to my client. I can’t wait to spend more time journaling.

Also, want to add that I’ve been procrastinating requesting testimonials and your “7 Questions to Ask Your Clients” can be a guide for getting feedback for testimonials as well! I just used them as an outline to create prompts for a testimonial from 1 of my clients, can’t wait to see how she responds.

— Donna A. - New York - Certified Life & Professional Coach 


“I responded to Heather’s invitation for coaching with Heart Space | Happy Place because I was feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demands of a full time job, while also being a mom to two young kids, and also trying to build my own business on the side at the same time. I didn’t want to “quit” any of it, so I continued to try to run faster and faster to make it all work.

Heather really helped me to break down the demands of all the jobs (wife, mother, employee, and entrepreneur) into manageable pieces and encouraged me to slow down and recognize that I needed to spend time thinking about what I really want and what choices I need to make to get there, instead of constantly work-horsing myself towards goals that felt further and more distant than ever.

Once I started the exercises she recommended success quickly followed and each small success snowballed thanks in part to this new vibe I was now throwing off – instead of overwhelmed and unsure I was confident and capable.

I highly recommend giving yourself the gift a coaching session (or 6) with Heather to help you hone in on what is important to you and how to get there.”

— Michelle, Pa. - Travel Planner - Heartfelt Happy Hour Session & Subconscious Release Technique

 “I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had been searching the net for some clarity and information, but I discovered what I needed was someone to talk to. Someone who would listen and guide me through this dark time. 

From the first call I felt comfortable with Heather. She listened to as much as I was willing to tell, in the beginning. As the weeks went on, she must have known what I needed because she shared personal experiences that allowed me to trust her with my whole story. Being able to talk to someone about what I felt and had thought without being judged was an extremely freeing experience. 

I have gained a whole new perspective on my life and myself. She helped me to examine and appreciate the person I am and helped me discover the person I want to be. She has started me on my own journey to finding my authentic self. She has given me the insight and tools I need to overcome any future obstacles. A desire to continuously improve upon my past successes. I have gained exactly what I have always wanted. A peaceful, loving and happy life. 

All areas of my life have been impacted by her coaching. Personally, I am a much stronger, more loving, peaceful, healthier and happier person. She has shared skills and exercises that brought me closer to my husband and family. She worked with me on managing my employees better and challenging me to find ways to show my appreciation to them. 

Heather is the kind of person that is just so easy to open-up to. I am a very private person and keep things to myself for fear of being judged or ridiculed. Heather made it possible for me to become more open with my thoughts and feelings. I enjoyed our conversations and always look forward to our next to discuss my success with her. She is my cheerleader and is genuinely happy with the progress I have made and was always there with praise and encouragement. 

I feel a sense of sadness when I realize that it has come to an end, but Heather has given me tools and skills I need to continue my journey to be a better me on my own. I will continue to challenge myself and fulfill my passions.

Thank you, Heather, the bottom of my heart, for helping me see that I have the courage and strength to, not only, overcome, but succeed one my own, in any challenge or obstacle I might face.”

— Denise - PA - Total Empowerment Program

Approx 5 months later:

“My calendar use to be essentially non existent. But with your help, I have a full calendar of activities centered around my passions. 

For almost a year now you have been in my life helping me to live the best life I can. With you patience and compassion, the ideas, suggestions and tools, my life has done a 180 turn. I am so grateful that The universe brought you into my life. 

Once again, and I hope you never tire of hearing it, I am grateful to you for giving me a life full of peace, love and joy.”

“I have depression and anxiety. It’s crippling. So I was looking for some guidance, but more than that I think I was looking for some hope, and I definitely got that. I came away from our short session feeling like things maybe aren’t so bad and I could use some of the strategies I’m already using to get things done to do the things I’m not getting done. My life has felt truly halted by depression. I got written up at work recently and I while I don’t have full confidence in myself just yet, I do feel that I am capable. You made me realize that I’m really really hard on myself and am probably getting done A LOT more things than I realize. Like if I sat and wrote up a list, they’re not just tasks I’m completing, they’re entire projects, as you pointed out. That was huge for me. I’m not giving myself enough credit. Houses will always be messy is another thing you said to me. Something I’m trying to accept. And if covering all that personal stuff wasn’t enough, you helped me work on the language I use in my client offerings so that I’m hitting more directly on their pain language. You sent me copy after our session that you wrote for me and sent me resources. All of that in 30-45 minutes?? Absolutely incredible how much we accomplished. To the person on the fence about scheduling with you: Don’t hesitate! Heather has a grounded, empathic presence and really gets down to business with actionable steps. She does the work WITH YOU on the phone during your session. You walk away KNOWING what you need to do next. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.”
— Brenna E. - Heartfelt Happy Hour Session

Energy Work

"I highly recommend Heather as a gifted, experienced sound healer. She’s educated and experienced in both sound therapy and crystal healing among other modalities. Combined with her intuitive ability, open heart and gentle, sensitive approach, this all made for a deeply profound healing session physically and at the soul level. She not only truly listened to my words, but she paid attention throughout the whole session as she worked. I definitely felt it. She knows what she’s doing. As a sound therapist educator, I won’t go to just anyone and I won’t recommend just anyone. I look forward to my next session with Heather."

“What I experienced in the session was the most relaxed I have ever felt. Even though it was so relaxing I did not fall asleep. The vibrations of the bowls resonated through my entire body and I could feel my body coming back into harmony. The crystals supported my energy balance and the essential oils were perfect blends given at the perfect times! 

Heather let’s the energy guide her to give you the most comprehensive therapeutic session. With my body mind and soul in harmony it can heal itself emotionally, spiritually and physically! ”

— Stacy S - Heart Space Bliss

Heather just did a distant Reiki Session for me and it was AMAZING! She was so in tuned and helped me find some peace in my journey of healing. Please book with her ASAP so you can experience the Love!

— Valerie L - Wisconsin - Reiki

“Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed myself thoroughly at my session.
I have gained knowledge regarding crystals plus understanding a little better how energy works!
One thing that stood out for me during the session was the colors I saw with my eyes closed as the bowls were being used!!

Someone who is on the fence about a session, I would say - Heather is very easy and open and it’s very comfortable to talk to her, about anything. At least go once and see what it can do for you. It may just be the change you are looking for. “”

— Jen S. - Heart Space Bliss

Yesterday I received a mini Reiki session from Heather Dempsey. This was my first experience with Reiki. She made it so easy calming and not intimidating at all. Her soothing voice and healing touch is amazing. I have been feeling super down lately and I swearrrrr I have been just so easy going and calm since. I cant wait to book more sessions

— Chrissy - Florida - Distant Crystal Reiki Session


"I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions (Yoga Nidra and Crystal Reiki Restorative Yoga) and would do them again, any time in a heartbeat! I have to tell you I was having a lot of stiffness and pain in my neck knowing it was likely from holding in a lot emotionally. I felt such a release from your session and woke up Friday without a stiff, painful neck! It's now Sunday and I am still feeling good! You do amazing work! I can only imagine what doing it more frequently will create! I also felt lighter and some other interesting emotions I would love to discuss with you next time I attend!
My journey into this sort of field has really only begun. I have always been drawn to it but since becoming sober the pull has been so much stronger, I look forward to learning more, especially from you!
The other yoga nidra/restorative yoga classes I have attended did not use Reiki or crystals which I found to be a huge component in why I feel so great! Please continue to incorporate that, it's truly magical!
— Anonomous - Lancaster, Pa.

Yesterday I had an Emotion Code/Reiki session.

Well, Heather I both cried, I cleared a HUGE block that is going to benefit my business and everyone involved, and OMG I had such a burst. I can't even explain it other than it was like a hose was connected to my pineal gland spraying energy and messages at me dozens of orbs at a time. My body felt like a pinball machine with thousands of balls of white light all bouncing around, combining, and swirling around...

Heather!!! Thank you!!!

— Jessa H - Curacao - Distant Crystal Reiki Session

"Heather is very knowledgeable and accommodating. I attended a healing sound bath session and it was really awesome. I invited two friends to go with me and they really enjoyed it too. Can't wait for the reiki session I have coming up. Really good energy from Heather and her place!"

— Leslie - Marietta, Pa

Crystal Readings

I was so happy to receive a reading that helped me get the absolute clarity I was seeking for quite some time. It highlighted an aspect
that I was in fact thinking of specifically and was therefore really blown away by the accuracy of the reading. It was almost a confirmation and very synchronistic. Would certainly recommend anyone seeking freedom from confusion and solutions to go for a reading. Thank you 🙏

— Rita M. - India

I have definately received clarity and confidence by your crystal reading. It makes me feel like I am going in the right direction with certain aspects of my life. It was also very accurate about my health and I'm currently starting some juicing, so thank you 🙂
It stood out to me how on point you were with all of the information that came through! It's also helped me make some new decisions. The crystals you picked out for me were perfect and made complete sense!

If anyone is considering a reading with you, I would tell them to DO IT, they will be amazed by the insight that you provide with your reading.
Again thank you so much, it was perfect and just the boost I needed 🙂

— Simone R. - Australia, QLD


“At the age of 60, I am trying to strengthen and stretch my core area for better balance and physical well being. Heather is excellent at focusing and communicating with her knowledge and training of yoga of how to achieve this. I am feeling better physically, mentally and sessions are relaxing. I am also accomplishing more through our yoga sessions. I then take that home and try to continue to duplicate what Heather has taught during our sessions. All areas of my life are improving because I feel physically better which in turn makes me healthier. And it’s enjoyable working with Heather becasue she has a great personality and explains well what we are doing and why. I definitely recommend working with her as it has been a great benefit to me and I only see it getting better as I learn more!”

— Jack - York, Pa. - Yoga Sessions

“Last nite was the third time I have tried a yoga class/instructor, and I guess what they say third time is the charm is true. I loved the class. I was able to do about 90 % of the moves, and I am confident that with time and practice I will be able to do it all. I love how you gave modified directions for those difficult poses for those of us not yet able to do the pose. And gave those who are more experienced ways to deepen the poses. I could not believe how fast the time went either. You are an awesome instructor.  

For some reason, learning yoga is important to me, which is why I never gave up trying to find someone to teach me. It seems perfect to me that you are that person. Thank you so much. And I’m excited for next class.”

— Denise -Yoga Sessions

“My greatest concern was to achieve more flexibility. I had constant aching from osteoarthritis in my right hip, which I no longer have due to yoga with Heather! With every class there is definite stress relief and I walk out totally relaxed.
Heather’s instructions are very clear, easy to follow and your voice is very soothing and calming. The class is very beneficial, you can adjust the positions to what your body can accomplish. There is never any judgment and always positive feedback.”

— Beth S - Columbia, Pa.

Passion Test Workshop

“My experience with The Passion Test supported me with getting the clarity I needed to manifest a VIP day with another professional. This experience allowed me to pull the needle through all of my ideas leaving me with the one that most fit my desired outcome!

As a Dating Coach, I understand the power of the question to arrive at a place that truly speaks to your authentic self. Heather was spectacular at leading this class. It’s an experience you’ll always remember!

Thanks Heather”

— Bernadette M Smith, MCC Founder, Compatible Connections for Single Women - Passion Test Workshop

 “Heather has a rarely found talent to quickly get to the root of a situation. She has amazing listening skills, a big heart for all those around her and she is wise beyond her years. I feel confident she will under promise and over deliver to anyone working with her.”

— CeCe Homer, CEO of Ignite Your Fire Coaching and Master Trainer for Enlightened Alliance

“I met Heather at a 4-day conference, in San Diego, and it became very evident she invests greatly in her own self-development and learning new methods and modalities to help her clients . 

Heather is one of those people that puts you at ease immediately when you meet her.
Heather is easy to connect with and I felt safe to share openly without feeling embarrassed or like I was being judged. Heather is open, honest, very transparent, empathetic, compassionate, kind, and has a sincere and servant’s heart. Her commitment to serving others is so passionate and refreshing.

I truly believe no matter what may have been holding you back or hurting you deep inside that Heather can help you gain clarity and the desire and confidence to change your thoughts to moving in a more positive direction.”

— Gwynne Palton - Killeen, TX

“When Heather and I had our first session I didn’t know where to begin. I had that ‘lost’ feeling. I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going and I had no idea how to get it back. I was basically just going through the motions. Go to work , pay bills , rest and repeat. I had no goals or direction. 

When Heather and I spoke , I didn’t know what to expect and I was definitely a little aprehensive. 
Heather was very professional but there was an aspect there that I can’t find the right words for. She made me feel very comfortable and I could tell that she honestly cared. A true empath. 

We talked for an hour , maybe more and in that time we were able to figure out the steps that I needed to take and some changes I needed to make in my method of thinking and my approach to the things I wasn’t happy with. A game plan if you will. 

In the weeks since our first session I have begun to learn and to utilize the tools she provided and I must say that things have really started to turn around for me in almost every aspect of my life (new job - better hours and pay!, seeing my son more, doing things I love on my down time, new home, car, money in the bank and an awesome new relationship). I find myself a happier person and I have much to appreciate and to look forward to. 

I am excited about life again and all of the blessings I have and what the future holds for me. I know it may sound a little dramatic but it’s the truth. I know I have a lot more work that I need to do and I’m eager to defeat those challenges. 

Thank you Heather and I look forward to our continued work. Namaste”

— Tom M. - Bucks County, Pa. - Passion Test Workshop

“Wow! I immediately felt a connection with Heather and found it easy and natural to open myself up to her. After spending over a year in transition and feeling lost, the time spent with her helped me to immediately gain clarity and I feel propelled forward with a newfound confidence. Thank you, Heather! My newest Passion… convincing all of those close to me to do this work too!!!”

— Rita - Allen, TX

“Working with Heather and attending the Passion workshop has been and is such a gift. It is like unlocking a secret treasure that is hidden inside of yourself. I enjoyed being in a safe and open environment with likeminded people. It was very helpful to hear other people stories on how align with their passions impacted their life. 

The ideas regarding the passion test where presented clearly. I was engaged. Heather used her intuition to match the energy of the group. It was a Monday night so It was a relaxed environment where we were able to unwind from our day while taking in new ideas and perspectives on our passions. 

My greatest gift from this workshop was TOTAL Clarity and realigning with the process of intention, attention and no tension. Since attending this workshop with Heather I have been very clear on what my number one goal is and matching my thoughts, my schedule and energy in that direction feels amazing. I have a deeper sense of peace because I trust myself to keep going until I reach my goal and having markers along the way helps to know that I am on the right track.

I believe we all have a treasure and sometimes life covers over it that is why working with Heather is so important. Our time is the most precious resource we have. It is gratifying to know that I am spending mine in lined with something that has great meaning to me and that makes me feel vibrant and alive. To sum up the experience in two words it is exhilarating and I am so grateful for it. ”

— Michelle L. - Southampton, Pa. - The Passion Test, Heartfelt Happy Hour Sessions & Subconcious Release Technique


Friends and business associates describe Heather as:

Kind, open minded, creative, smart, compassionate, giving, driven, focused, peaceful, loving, attentive, a wonderful listener, a person of depth.”

Mentors and fellow coaches add:

“Heather is insightful, intuitive, and extremely efficient in getting to the root of problems and finding effective solutions.”

"Heather is a psychological thinker!"

"She has the strongest desire for growth and personal development than I’ve ever seen.”